Boat motor repairs & servicing in Port Macquarie

Boat Motor — Lawn Mower and Marine Servicing in Macquarie, NSW
Lighthouse Mower & Boat Service provides servicing on a wide range of marine engines across the New South coast, from Kundabung to Johns River. Our complete engine services will ensure your boat is in best condition, whether you're away for a weekend or just out for a day of fishing.

The qualified marine technician is familiar with both 2 and 4-stroke outboard engines, meaning that we can work on motors in a wide variety of boats.

Picking up problems during this process can save you money in the long run, as issues are caught before they can become more serious. Not only that, if a service reveals that new parts are necessary, our team can supply you with all the parts needed to get your boat in good condition again.
As a mobile service, our experienced technician is able to come to you and your boat, whether it's docked, stored at your home, or somewhere else. This convenience saves you the hassle and potential extra costs of transporting your boat.

Our experienced technician will also inspect your entire boat, ensuring it is watertight and in generally good condition. Call us today for a quote on mobile marine engine servicing.