OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT SERVICING & repair for customers in Port Macquarie

Boat Engine — Lawn Mower and Marine Servicing in Macquarie, NSW
At Lighthouse Mower & Boat Service, we offer a variety of services for almost any kind of small engine. With both sales and servicing, we aim to ensure the engine in your machine is tough enough to get the job done.

In addition to servicing the engines in mowers, we also work on other outdoor equipment, pumps, generators, and concreting supplies. Ensuring these engines are in good working condition will minimise future delays, costs and hassle when performing work around your home or for your business.

If your small engine is spluttering or making strange noises, chances are you need a service. Though many issues can be resolved yourself, it's always best to have a professional check the problem and give your machinery or equipment a quality service. Our general servicing not only includes replacing air filters, changing spark plugs, oil and fuel, and general cleaning of the engine, but much more.
When more in-depth work is needed, we'll also service the carburettor, which includes cleaning the fuel tank and lines, and servicing the carburettor jets. Our aim is to ensure your small engine is free of potential problems and in its best operating condition.

At Lighthouse Mower & Boat Service, we're committed to each of our customers. We offer a mobile breakdown call-out service to come inspect and repair your small engine, whether it's at your home or business.

Call us today for a quote on mobile small engine servicing. We cover a wide area of the New South Wales coast, from Kundabung all the way south to Johns River.