Spare parts for Port Macquarie boats & small engines

Get all the parts you need for your small equipment, mower or marine engine from Lighthouse Mower & Boat Service. We supply a wide range of spare parts to individuals and business owners throughout Port Macquarie and surrounds.

With access to a variety of components for small and marine engines, we're sure to have everything you need. This includes:
  • Impellers
  • Thermostats
  • Filters
  • Spindles/Spindle Bearings
  • Blades
  • Trimmer Line
  • Control Cables
  • Propellers
  • Bushing
  • Fuel Lines
  • Batteries
  • Pulleys
  • Belts
  • Saw Chain
  • Oils
  • And more
Repairing engines with spare parts can be particularly useful for engines that use uncommon, hard-to-source components or older engines that are no longer being made.
Spare Parts — Lawn Mower and Marine Servicing in Macquarie, NSW
Replacing parts can also be an affordable alternative to replacing the entire engine in your machine, extending the life of your mower, pump, generator, concreting equipment, boats and more.

Each spare part is in good condition and in some cases our qualified technician will even be able to install them for you. If you're unsure of exactly what part needs to be replaced, don't worry, our experienced technician can inspect the engine or motor in your machine and let you know exactly what parts are needed. Of course, in this case, we would always recommend having a complete service performed on your small engine or marine engine.

Call us today to discuss our range of spare parts, and to see if we have the parts you need. Our mobile technicians work across a wide area of the New South Wales coast, from Kundabung to Johns River.